ESG alum Yiping Xing featured
  • Yiping Xing
    Yiping Xing
    Allegra Boverman
Monday, February 9, 2015

Since day one at MIT, senior Yiping Xing has been interested in exploring medicine from different perspectives. Already, the biology major has co-authored two scientific papers, including a Nature Nanotechnology paper on siRNA delivery research; co-led a project in Ghana to convert organic waste into animal feed; and participated in national health policy through an internship in the U.S. Surgeon General’s office.

Xing was born near Beijing, in one of China’s most polluted industrial cities, but moved to Cleveland at age 6 when her father, a physician-scientist, accepted a job at the Cleveland Clinic. The move offered her an early opportunity to question how environmental differences impact global health disparities.
“It snows a lot in Cleveland, and my first big impression of the U.S. was how clean and white the snow was,” Xing says.

Since then, she has become a strong believer in the notion that “health extends beyond hospital walls, and is very much related to your environment. Read more on MIT News.